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Monday, May 14, 2012

Author Christina Freeburn

This week I'd like you to meet another fellow writer at Desert Breeze - Christina Freeburn, who has a new book out in electronic form called Led Astray

          I guess the first thing I'll ask is why do you write and do you prefer writing fiction or non-fiction?

     I write fiction. I enjoy making things up better. It's also why I create fictional towns rather than setting my stories in real ones.

          Chris, when did you begin to write?

     I was in the ninth grade when I started writing. The bus ride to school was 3o minutes long so a friend and I entertained ourselves by working on a teenage romance together. She got tired of the project after a few months, but for me it started a love of writing.

          How much time to you spend in preparation? In actual writing? In editing?

         It depends on the book, but I've noticed the more time I spend preparing,  (like outlining) , the less time I need for writing and editing as the story is already built in my head and I know the characters better.

     That sounds like good advise and who would you say is your best critic?

       I don't know if I have a best critic, but I do know I am my own worst critic which is probably why I surround myself with advisors and cheerleaders. Unfortunately, I carry a critic around with me. I'm really good at seeing what isn't working, so I need advisors that will help me see what is working. That makes it easier for me to go back and fix the places where I've written the characters into a corner or got them off track.

    What is your writing space like?
     A mess. Right now, my office is in a large closet that is off of the craft room area. My oldest daughter got married last summer and we're finishing up moving her out (her stuff at least) and that will soon become my office. I plan on going with a Disney and library theme as I have plenty of books and Disney (Mickey Mouse) items.

 That sounds like fun. Time wise - do you write daily? Weekly?  
     I write daily.

      Do you wait for inspiration?
     No, though it is a less of a struggle to get the words out when I'm inspired.
If I wait to work on the story only when I'm inspired, there would be days or even
weeks when I wouldn't get anything done. Sometimes other areas of my life can get
hectic and it does drain the creativity but I still have to sit and get a few words

      Most writers need a start-up, do you begin with coffee?
           Coffee is a must. (Ah, a girl after my own heart, says June)
    And I've also discovered that I'm more focused and the creativity flows better    
    If I workout in the morning.  (Just lost me, Chris)

     What is your goal -long term? 
            Right now, my long-term goal is to keep writing books that I love and have a 
    message to empower and encourage. I try not to make goals that can put me in a  
    place where I feel like I've failed. A lot of what happens (like trying to have specific
    selling target) is out of our hands. No matter how hard or how much time is spent 
    on marketing, promoting, and getting better at our craft, the outcome is one that can
    be planned.

  Any advice to wanna-be's?

    Celebrate but don't compare journeys to publication. There is a different path for
 everyone. What will work for one writer's unique situation and season in life won't
work for another. Keep writing. Keep reading. And most importantly, keep

Thanks so much for visiting here at my blog. I wish you the very best in your journey through life.

"Now, Pastor, I wouldn't make such a hasty decision." Mr. Kline pulled out another card and reached around Riley to place it on the desk. "Talk to the members of your church."

"I know their feelings on destroying the beauty God created." Riley picked up the card and started to tear it in half.

Mr. Kline gripped his wrist and squeezed, stopping Riley from completing the tearing motion. "Jobs are scarce in this community. There aren't many other companies wanting to bring other employment opportunities to this backwoods place."

Naomi gasped. Riley motioned for her to stay behind him.

"Pastor Coole, is something wrong?" A woman's soft voice drifted from the doorway.

Riley turned, and his breath caught in his throat. The heart-shaped face of an angel appeared through the slight opening. Lips lined in pink stood out from a smooth complexion. She stepped into the office and a questioning expression filled the sweet, young face as large green eyes focused on him and blinked. Once. Twice.

Thomas Kline's attention also turned toward the young woman, and the man raked a leer over her body. Riley clenched his fists. The young woman flipped strands of her unnatural colored hair, a hue resembling a brand new rising sunset, over her shoulders. Curls surrounded her neck and cascaded down her back, a cloak of multitude colors.

"Now who do we have here, Pastor." Kline stepped toward the woman. "You sure do like to have an array of woman about."

"And you like to ignore the word 'no.'" The woman strode forward, confident and menacing, the angel persona vanishing.

Kline took one long step forward and stood face-to-face with the spitfire. "What makes any of this your business?"

"From what I know, I was asked to be here, and you weren't."

Kline reached for the woman's arms. "I'm advising you to leave."

She jerked away. "Or what?"

Riley stepped between them, confusion revving his heart rate and causing his thoughts to swirl. Who was this woman, and why did she show up now? This wasn't a lost soul who stumbled onto the church and sought directions. This woman intended to be here, meant to wage war with Kline. Why?

"This conversation is over, Mr. Kline," Riley said. "The communities have no desire to sell any of the property to Peake Mining or anyone else.

"I wouldn't be too sure about, Pastor."

"I'm sure," Riley said.

"I think I'll poll the towns and see what they have to say."

"I wouldn't advise it," the woman said.

"Don't be making threats you can't back, little lady." The man cast one last look at the bold woman in front of him then headed for the door.

"Don't be foolish enough to think I can't."

(Sounds like a page-turner, Chris. Blessings.)
Christina Freeburn
Lost Then Found
Led Astray -- May 1, 2012
Stories of Hope and a Future


  1. Christina, I love your long term goal - keep writing books that encourage and not worry about the outcome. I agree. It's so much better to leave it in God's hands.

  2. Great interview and interesting exerpt. We all need to know what happens next!

  3. Interesting interview - I always like to find out more about my fellow DB authors. Best of luck with the book - loved the excerpt.

    Angela Britnell

  4. Christina,

    It is important to leave things in God's hands. Sometimes it's tough. But the outcome is alway better. Congratulations

  5. Ditto to tina's comment and it was nice to meet you.

  6. Stopped by for a cup of coffee and to listen to the chat.

  7. I am enjoying getting to know the authors at Desert Breeze. Being a newbie I am amazed at the diversity of authors here and am glad to be among such talented writers. I have to agree, you lost me at working out. Best of luck with your new book, Christina. Gorgeous cover by the way.