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Monday, May 21, 2012

New Interview with Author, Fran Fernandez

This week I'm interviewing a fellow writer, friend, and lover of God, Fran Fernandez. Fran is a minister, teacher, speaker and writer. She is also the pastor of Prince of Peace Church in Seaford, New York.

I met Fran several years ago at a writer's conference in Montrose, Pennsylvania. We correspond frequently and pray for each other. She's been a blessing in my life and we plan to spend eternity together, along with our other Christian friends and family members.

Fran Fernandez is freelance writer of magazine and newspaper articles, has inclusions in several anthologies. She’s a pastor, speaks at conferences, luncheons and retreats.   She’s married for 49 Years to her husband Frank, has three children, and eight grandchildren. Her passion is the Lord and His word. Fran loves in whatever medium is available to let people know how much the Lord loves them and bids them to abide in His secret place—tailored fashioned just for them.
Email:  Pop496@aol.com

Web site and blog: www.francesfernandez.com

The Best is Yet to Come

Hungering for more of God? The Best is Yet to Come is a go-deeper-higher devotional for women wanting more from their time spent with God. Sixty devos filled with the word, biblical and real life examples help light the way to the secret place. Each one comes with a targeted prayer and personal challenge to help apply it to your daily life. He's waiting!

Beautiful hardcover released by Zondervan. Available signed and discounted by author for $8 plus shipping: @ Pop496@aol.com or through PayPal on website.

Fran, What inspires you most as a writer?

As a child I loved to read and I still remember some books I loved such as Little Women and The Coat of Many Colors. I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries and wanted to be a detective just like her. And as I grew older God spoke to me through books which eventually led to me coming to know Him.

Also when I read a good book, or saw movies and shows that made me felt so good inside, I longed to write something that would bring people joy and meaning to people’s life. Now with the Lord in my life, I have the Source of all joy and meaning which I can share in my writing.

Do you write every day? How often, if not daily?

Because I am in full time ministry, I can’t write every day. But, I generally do something writing related, such as working on the promotion of my book (which is lifetime job), keeping in contact with agent, sprucing up proposals, and researching new markets for my proposals (I have four looking for a home)  I read writing magazines looking for new markets, and seeing what is new in the Christian market, and to further hone my craft. However, I know that once I get a publisher for a proposal it will be writing daily. 

Describe part of the research process it took to write The Best is Yet to Come.

Because The Best is Yet to Come is a devotional book, the main research is my bible reading and my walk with God. Having said that—I now say that I have a file with favorite bible verses, special things that I have heard or read, notes of things that God has done in my life. I also record personal insights God has given me, or of others. I have a file with inspiring stories of people from newspapers, magazines etc., knowing one day they will make a great illustration for God’s word to get across to someone.

How did you experience breakthrough to work with the big publishing houses?

Through going to writer’s conferences – setting up meetings with editors, authors, networking with writers, editors etc.

Also, getting an agent helps. But, having said that, I now say that I had already made the connection to an editor at Zondervan through another editor from Zondervan who was at Montrose Christian Writers conference; when she saw my work, she told me to use her name when I sent my proposal. So when I got an agent I gave her that connection and she followed through.

Share one tip you would like to give to a writer trying to break into the Christian market.

One tip – the most important one – and then I’ll sneak in a second one. The biggest and most important tip to breaking into the Christian market is that you would wrap everything you do in a relationship with God, prayer, reading His word, and keep asking along the way for wisdom and insight into what to write.

For how can we give out without getting it in first?

Having said that my second tip is – Never Give Up! If you have a desire and a heart to write something either for children or adults – I believe that God has put it in your heart and He will make a way for it, if you don’t give up. It goes without saying that you have to perfect your craft along the way; you must go to Christian writer’s conferences, for that is where you will meet others who have broken into the markets, and those to whom you can present your work to get into the market.

Keep writing, and writing, and rewriting, and then do it again. Always have something going around to possible markets. Always be looking for someplace to send your query or manuscript should it come back. 

What is the most satisfying part of your writing experience?

The most satisfying part of writing, hands down, is having someone email you, call you, or tell you face to face, that they were touched of God, or found a new truth in the Bible, or God spoke to them through your words. It doesn’t get any better than that! !

Thanks so much for sharing with my readers, Fran. As a personal note, I've read and re-read Fran's wonderful devotional and highly recommend it. I know God will continue to bless you, Fran, as well as you books.


  1. First, I love your blog. Oh dear, you had me at the teapot! I love my tea!!!

    Second, or perhaps this should be first, I love Fran. She radiates Christ. I was not surprised by her answer to the best way to break into the market being a deep relationship with Christ. She's right. She lives what she speaks.

    Highly recommend The Best is Yet To Come! What an encouraging book from the encourager in chief.


    Elaine W. Miller

  2. "Never Give Up" - good advice!

    June, I love the friendly atmosphere of your blog! When I opened the page, the teapot made me feel like I snuggled down into a good friend's sofa for a chat. :-)

  3. Fran, I'll be looking forward to visiting with both you and June in etermity. (smile) I love your tip for new writers.