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Monday, May 16, 2011

Grace - a book about life

Finished the first draft of a new book called, Grace. It was a year in my mind - constantly altering, but when I put it into my computer, I found myself absolutely driven to write it. I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the determination to complete it, as well as the message. It took only three-plus weeks to write it. Of course, nothing else got done. My patient husband cooked and washed the clothes, (the dust waited) until I put the final words down.

Grace is about a young woman who finds herself pregnant. She expects to terminate the pregnancy until a friend from law school introduces her to his family and speaks to her of Christ. It's a difficult journey and the book is written in the first person. There's humor mixed with tears.

I want to see this in paper and I will personally give copies to Pregnancy Care Centers in our area - and beyond. If it saves one life...   Praise be to God!

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